Some Case Studies - Real Results

Lynn had been in business for 42 years, doing things the “old” way just like everyone else is running their studio. While following the techniques we teach in our system she was able to double the average student value of 80% of her student base in just 4 days!

Imagine that. If 80% of your current students were suddenly paying you twice as much, how much of a difference would that make to your take-home pay? How much more dedicated would those students be to your programs? How much longer do you think you’d retain them? How much better would those students become?

42 years in business and an 80% increase in enrollment after just 4 days.

The farmer’s field across from Jenny’s super-profitable but very rural studio.

Jenny wanted to open a studio in a fairly rural area. There were well-established studios already nearby and she was starting from ZERO. (Check out the Google maps screencap of what’s located across from her one-room studio.)

Undaunted, she bravely implemented the strategies we teach and created a six-figure personal income from the studio in less than 12 months. Following our marketing plan she enrolled 100 students in 95 days. Remember, that’s new students and ZERO word-of-mouth advertising. She’s currently still growing, just raised her tuition, and she and her husband are closing on a $2 million dollar new building they’ll be buying because their current space is bursting at the seams.

Luis doesn’t own a dance studio. He’s a talented and award-winning martial artist. Could our program work for him as well? He was struggling to get new students and retain them as long as he’d like to. He also had problems with his tuition billing and many students weren’t paying on time. (That’s not uncommon in that industry, even with automated tuition.)

Working with us he was able to TRIPLE his tuition rates. He currently upgrades his students into higher-paying programs within 3 months of them enrolling in his fundamentals program. We showed him how to outsource his tuition billing so he never has to run after a late payment ever again.

Today he’s able to travel the world extensively to compete in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu tournaments and teach workshops. His studio runs smoothly, efficiently, and extremely profitably in his absence. He’s also opened a restaurant and implemented much of what he’s learned with us there as well. Most importantly, he’s an amazing husband and father with time to spend with his growing family.

Luis “Ninja” Pinto is a master of his craft AND his business.


Pia runs her studio from 794 miles away.

Pia’s situation is different. She has a studio in a large city, but still lives and performs professionally 794 miles away. She’s only home to physically step into her studio every once in a while. Impossible situation, right?

We showed her how to update some simple things on her website and she immediately enrolled ten additional new students in just two days! With less than 4 weeks of work she had a lead-generating and enrollment machine that didn’t just work all year round, but that she could manage remotely.

While Pia’s programs and classes were already world-class she has been dedicated to making great changes to her studio business by employing the business systems we advocate. She’s easily on track to DOUBLE her enrollment this year while also DOUBLING her average student value! How would your life be different if you could accomplish the same?

83 prospects and 80 intro classes at one location in less than one month.

I also personally practice what I preach! Many years ago I was working like crazy in my own studio. Like many studio owners I wasn’t making enough money to pay the bills and had no time for my family and personal life. Today I only spend 3 - 4 hours per week to manage and maintain multiple profitable studio locations and programs. When I first took the leap and changed how I thought about my business it only took me six months to turn it all around. Now I run multiple six-figure locations.

Here’s a screencap of our management software showing what we recently accomplished at just one newly-opened location. 100 NEW students enrolled in less than 100 days with 83 NEW additional prospects reaching out to register for PAID trial classes in less than a month. We’re able to repeat this again and again.

Who is this for?

We would all like to make more money with less of our own personal input. That’s a given. Most of us would also like to spend more time with family, be able to travel, and dedicate time to personal hobbies away from the studio. Most studio owners would also like to have more influence in their community. By increasing their ENROLLMENT and INCOME this is all possible.

But, there can be a lot of fear between where you’re at now and where you want to be.

You might be asking yourself questions like:

“What if I’m not able to pay the bills? What if all the work I’ve put in doesn’t have the impact that I want? What if Summer and Fall enrollment aren’t high enough? What if I’m criticized by others for doing things differently?”

If you’re like most studios you’ve already tried lots of marketing and advertising that hasn’t worked the way you’ve expected. You might struggle to find beginner students that are willing to be dedicated to higher-level programs and longer terms of commitment. Maybe you’ve even enrolled in other business training programs with lackluster results.

There are MORE studios today than existed 5 years ago. Competition for the students is insane in most areas. That’s not going to change any time soon.

How do we deal with all of that in a way that is relevant today?

None of us wants to waste time and money trying to implement new strategies that just don’t work.

Plus, too many strategies are just too technical, too complicated, involve bulky software that never gets implemented, rely on new-fangled SEO strategies, or just simply require too much time.

What if part of the answer is actually to simplify? To STOP chasing shiny objects?

You might be suspecting that it’s not about some get-rich-quick scheme. You might suspect already that the solution isn’t some cool software program with an online enrollment tool. Maybe you even suspect that higher service is part of the solution.

You’d be right.

Clients ARE more suspicious of online enrollments.

There ARE more studios every year, not fewer.

How marketing works online today DOES change faster than ever before.

If every one of those statements are true. . . What’s a studio owner to do?

Concrete Results Really Quickly

“Keep in mind that we also charge THREE TIMES as much tuition as the other studios in our city and charge $250 down payments when students enroll. And ALL of these students are committing to 12-months of training right off the bat. It’s not magic. It’s just that this proven system actually works.”

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$100,000 in Six Months or Less

Here’s the truth:

You can add $100,000 of additional income from your studio in less than six months (and then again in the next six months after that) using the same systems we use at our own studios and our clients are using as well.

However, most studio owners are not capable of doing this because even though they are amazing instructors and artists most are still following an OLD business model that no longer works today because of some specific changes in the market

We are the best people to help solve this problem for the instructional studio industry by helping studio owners implement the right strategies IN THE RIGHT ORDER.

But, in order for this to work for you, you’re going to have to be willing to make some changes to what you believe is possible and what you’ve been taught is normal.

How we figured this out. . .

Mago runs several successful programs.

So why should anyone listen to me anyway?

I opened my first academy in 1998. I was teaching a weird combination of martial arts, dance and acrobatics called “capoeira.” It was hard to sell! We had to educate people about what it was before we were able to sell it to anyone. Ironically, that was the key to unlocking the systems we’ve figured out that still work so well today.

Today I own and operate multiple locations and programs. I have a couple traditional dance studios. I run an aerial silks and circus arts program. And I still have a profitable capoeira program. I’m able to manage all of these programs with between 3 and 4 hours of my personal time each week.

I have a wife and two kids. I’m able to spend time with them, travel, and participate in my time-demanding hobbies while I manage my hyper-profitable businesses from literally anywhere in the world.

It wasn’t always that way. Once upon a time I was a struggling studio owner as well. I wasn’t sure how I was going to pay the bills. (I remember selling my cd collection to buy groceries one month.) My dedication to my students was all that was keeping me going.

I was convinced it didn’t have to be like that. I was providing a valuable service. People loved what we were doing for them. Their lives were enhanced. There had to be a profitable model for this business!

I felt like I was doing what everyone else was doing. Why wasn’t I having more success?

That’s when I discovered a really uncomfortable truth

Most other studios just had a veneer of success.

They weren’t profitable.

The studio owners were tied to the front desk working 60 hours a week.

They hadn’t created businesses, they had all created jobs for themselves!

That’s when it all clicked. I didn’t want to end up like everyone else. I wanted to do things differently.

I studied successful business models and techniques from other industries. I started running careful tests. I even developed software to track it all for me. Before I knew it my own studio was growing literally every month. I was able to spend less time managing it without losing profitability. Suddenly, we went from struggling to get people enrolled at discounted rates to charging more than anyone else in town.

Now we’re dedicated to changing the industry. There are better ways of doing things and we’ll all be better off if everyone implements them. If your competitors implement this stuff it actually helps you rather than hurting your business!

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How to run profitable studio locations and programs with only 5 hours of work per week.

The Unique Insights That Make a Difference. . .

So what exactly did we discover? What was this “new” way that seemed so revolutionary?

Let’s distill it into 4 simple steps.

Step 1 - Create a lead-generating machine

The old way of marketing a studio is to try to get as much information OUT to people as possible and then hope that they are ready to enroll after visiting a website. That’s been a losing strategy for a long time.

90% of the people that hit your studio website are NOT ready to enroll yet. Too many studio owners don’t understand this and are blindly trying to get cold traffic to enroll directly through a portal on their website. A very small fraction of people are willing to actually do that, so studios are trying to incentivize it by LOWERING their tuition rates. It’s a HUGE mistake!

Studios that are following our strategies are consistently attracting new students all year round.

A much larger percentage of new potential students are willing to trade their contact info if you’re willing to help them figure out what’s best for them. That’s the key. You need to be capturing and curating this contact info so that we can create a relationship with the right people and eventually get them enrolled.

Remember, marketing isn’t just about “getting your information out there.” Today it’s all about getting more info IN TO YOU!

Step 2 - Build a prospect pipeline

The prospect pipeline is key to helping people to see the value in your program BEFORE they come in for a trial class, and BEFORE you’ve made an offer for them to enroll. Why are our clients able to charge literally 3 times as much as their nearest competitors, and convince new students to commit to 12 months of training right off the bat? Most of the heavy lifting for that is on this prospect pipeline.

So what is it?

It’s actually quite simple. It’s a simple series of steps that you walk a prospect through once they raise their hand and indicate that they’re interested in what you offer

While you can probably see the value in your program, these beginners usually can’t yet. How are you better than your competitors? Why are you the right fit for this particular person? What problems are you going to help them to solve?

We need them to see clearly the answers to those questions BEFORE we make an offer to enroll.

    Running a prospect pipeline this way will help your studio to see several results.
  1. The number of people showing up for intro classes goes up significantly
  2. People now see you as their only option, not just one of the options.
  3. They have a relationship with your studio and trust you and your staff.
  4. They are more willing to pay higher tuition rates and commit to longer training terms because they see how it benefits THEM to do so.

Without a prospect pipeline in place studios also run the risk of enrolling the wrong students. Students and parents that complain about everything, or quit once soccer or lacrosse season rolls around are usually doing so because they don’t understand the value of what you offer. (That doesn’t mean that what you offer isn’t valuable, just that they don’t see that value.) Studios that don’t put together a prospect pipeline are leaving thousands of dollars on the floor every single month. Such a simple system that solves so many problems.

The prospect pipeline software ensures that no one falls through the cracks.

Step 3 - Massive automated marketing

Once Step 1 and Step 2 are in place, studios should launch a massive amount of marketing, starting with simple, trackable, digital marketing techniques.

All advertising takes either money, or time, or both. Launching this advertising before Step 1 and 2 are in place is like throwing money down the drain.

If you’re not effectively capturing their contact info and then not following up and indoctrinating these prospects effectively then advertising won’t solve those problems. No wonder so many studios still have to rely so much on word-of-mouth advertising.

When you’ve structured your advertising strategies correctly they’re trackable and you’ll know exactly how well they’re working. You’ll know exactly how much ad spend translates into how many new students you’ll enroll and then you can ramp that up quickly if you want to.

WARNING, and this is important, IF YOU DO THIS IN THE WRONG ORDER YOU’LL WASTE BOTH TIME AND MONEY. This is step three for a reason. Don’t do any additional advertising at all until the other two steps are in place, proven, and optimized.

When ads are set up following this system studios can enroll new students for less than $10 in ad spend per new student.

Step 4 - Automate and Outsource

This is where things really get exciting. Once the first three steps are in place, you have an enrollment machine. You’re at a point where you can start to raise tuition for new students aggressively and really increase your cash flow. Now you’re going to find ways to automate and outsource all of the other business systems in place and break yourself free from the front desk (or any other jobs at the studio you’d rather not be doing).

Unfortunately, too many studio owners have tried to implement in the wrong order here as well. You can’t automate or outsource systems that aren’t working and optimized yet. Just slapping an enrollment form on your website, for example, won’t work. The system doesn’t work very well so why would you automate that? Why would you try to scale something that is already problematic? You’re going to end up with more problems cropping up automatically and more frequently.

Order of implementation matters!

Ignore that at your own peril. No wonder so many studio owners plateau. No wonder they burn themselves out. No wonder they run their studios for decades and never really make any significant income. DON’T AUTOMATE OR SCALE SYSTEMS THAT AREN’T OPTIMIZED.

Another important piece of the puzzle here is to watch your stats like a hawk. We make changes to systems based on their actual demonstrable results and not our gut feelings. Some studios are actually following their stats closely, but don’t know what to do to move the needle.

How many prospective students reached out for more info about your programs last month?

How many of those people actually came in for intros?

Of those intros, what percentage enrolled into ongoing paid programs?

What percentage of your student base do you lose on average on a monthly basis?

With those numbers in mind we can go to work on fixing what’s actually broken. What should those numbers be? What should you do to get them more in line? If plenty of people are reaching out for more info, but no one is coming in the door, you don’t have a marketing problem. So, don’t try to fix the marketing problem first!

Only do the work that helps to move the needle where it’s most out of alignment.

Studios that grow following that pattern free their founders from the front desk while generating systems that are hyper-profitable.

Training staff is easy using this system. Get untied from the front desk, but do it all in the right order!

A Summary in a Nutshell. . .

So, as you can see, all you need to do is first create a lead-generating machine, then develop your prospect pipeline , and do those two things BEFORE launching paid advertising. Then, we track your stats and when they line up we aggressively raise tuition and start automating the systems and outsourcing the work. That’s all that’s standing between you and an exceptionally profitable studio business that runs itself without more of your personal input.

That’s how we consistently add $100k or more to a studio that has plateaued in less than 6 months. . . even in competitive areas.

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We All Have Some Options. . .

To achieve all of this you have some options. You can spend years of your life figuring this all out on your own and waste 150 thousand dollars and another decade of your life making new mistakes and trying new things.

Another option is to keep doing things the way everyone else is trying to get things to work. Keep offering free trials and pushing for those direct online enrollments, convincing yourself that it’s actually going to start working some day. Obviously this isn’t the right choice. Studios, once again, lose decades of time and hundreds of thousands of dollars of income because they’re stuck in the old way of doing things.

Or, you could also continue to blame your area and the level of competition around you. It’s impossible to change your area, and really hard to influence what your competitors are doing. You don’t have control of that.

We’ve spent hundreds of thousands of dollars and countless hours testing marketing, messaging, advertising, and hiring staff and developing systems that absolutely failed. We’ve tested, tweaked, and learned from our mistakes as we developed these systems. You can go do the same thing.

From all of that experience we’ve distilled some very specific systems, templates, scripts, and even software that consistently knock it out of the park. We’re willing to share it with studios that are willing to invest in their own programs.

Your best option is to learn from the people that already have the systems figured out. We’ll help you cut decades off your learning curve, add thousands of dollars of monthly income to your studio, and give you your life back!

Is This You?. . .

Again, this is for studio owners who want to aggressively increase their profitability, but are struggling with attracting and retaining new students that are willing and able to pay higher tuition rates.

Additional Case Studies - More Results

Hundreds of studios of all kinds are implementing these strategies to achieve fantastic results.

“After an hour with [Mago] I was able to change the direction of the studio and the way we are going and I’m really thankful for that. We did the math together and I’ll reach my goal way faster doing it this way and I feel more confident in what I’m teaching and asking for” ~Lisa

“Million Dollar Dance Studio has helped make all of the administration work easier so that I can enjoy teaching more. By helping us set up systems in place we are no longer blindly grabbing at ways to improve but have a clear path and destination which enables me to enjoy my favorite part which is teaching. No one ever improved by doing the same thing over and over. Change your mindset and improve your business.” ~Nicole

“I was losing four grand a month because I didn't know what I was doing…I've got great instructors and a good facility, but I wasn't making any money and I didn't know how to change that…in three months I made a profit just doing this program. I think that speaks for itself. It's crazy. It works…I tell people all the time that honestly, this was a game changer for me. I don't know where I'd be without this program. It was the best investment in myself and in the business” ~Nadia

“We've been using the tools that we've been given to see how this really does work for our studio, and we're only going to expand more from here on out…Our enrollment has increased. But more important, the culture of our studio has changed. Meaning that our families are more interested in long-term commitment, and more success for their child” ~Ruby and Denise

What Can You Really Expect?

When you’re able to create a lead-generating machine there is no more running after new students. You don’t have to just rely on word-of-mouth to fill classes. You’ll have new prospective students reaching out to you for help to get enrolled.

Implementing a prospect pipeline DOUBLES the number of people coming in for intros for most studios. If you had twice the number of potential students coming in for intros, how many more students do you think you’d have?

Implementing massive digital marketing allows you to get in front of ‘cold’ traffic. Stay in front of the right ones. Studios can easily get 30-60 additional prospects per month reaching out with VERY little ad spend.

When you have steps 1-3 in place you’re able to significantly increase tuition rates and charge large down payments. This can easily TRIPLE the average student value of a new student in the first year.

You don’t want to be tied to the front desk forever. Once you have your enrollment system optimized it’s time to start handing off the day-to-day operations to other people, or automating it with software.

Most studio owners make the mistake of trying to scale or automate a system before it’s working well. By doing this step AFTER the other three we are able to effectively get work off the owner’s plate.

Here’s what is going to happen when you work with us:

  • You will be able to consistently attract new prospects at any time of year, including the Summer months if you want to.
  • You will be able to work with the kinds of students/parents that you want to; people that are dedicated and actually VALUE your program - not just people that are looking for a “fun” activity.
  • You’ll be able to free up enough cash to hire people to run the parts of your business that you don’t want to or don’t have time to. In other words, you’ll be able to outrun the “money problem.”
  • You can take time off and manage your staff from literally anywhere in the world.
  • You can contribute to your personal or family income.
  • You can build an asset that would be sellable one day - though why would you?”

Exactly How Does This Work?

So how does it work? Everybody is trying to get their name out there. They’re performing in parades, trying to get into the schools, posting frantically to social media hoping that people will notice them. Then they’re heartbroken when people say things like “Oh, I didn’t even know you were here!” What better proof is there that that kind of marketing isn’t working as well as it could?

Instead, marketing efforts need to be focused not just on getting your info out to people, but getting their info into you! The first step is to build a lead-generating machine. For example, if your website isn’t doing a good job of capturing the contact info of people that are interested in your classes then you’re literally leaving thousands of dollars per month on the floor!

Studios that have gone through our training are able to focus their energy just on the activities that actually get results. You can still go march in the parades if you really want to, but our training will show you how to create a lead-generating machine that you can literally manage from anywhere. No more wasted time. No more wasted money. Just real results.

In the past studios have hired expensive website designers ($5,000), or relied on their relatives or students (risky) to help build a clunky website that doesn’t convert well. Now it’s as simple as following our proven templates and new students will be happy to hand you their contact info. Just this piece alone is worth more than $3500.

Most studios that implement just this part of our training can TRIPLE the number of people currently coming in for trial classes without paid ads of any kind. For many studios that can mean an increase in $30-40,000 in yearly income right away with no additional ad spend.

Too many studios are trying to directly enroll new students before properly educating prospects on why they’re so awesome! But now, by using the prospect pipeline you’ll not only get people to actually show up for trials, but they’ll be educated on your program enough to pay much higher tuition rates and even large down payments. This also has a big impact on student retention for beginner students. Do you see how easy that is?

Our training includes easy to follow videos, templates, scripts to build a prospect pipeline.

We’ve even developed software to help manage the prospects to ensure they show up for their intro classes ready to enroll. That allows studio owners to hand this work off to staff and to manage them from anywhere in the world. No more being tied to the front desk. Our program includes $2400 in free software to help accelerate your success.

Easy to use software ensures prospects show up ready to enroll.

Now we can launch cold-traffic marketing. (Studios that launch marketing before having the other two steps in place are always disappointed.) Not only that but you’ll be able to clearly see exactly how much return you’re getting on your investment. No more guessing if things are working! No more wasting money!

Many studios have been burned in the past trying to run ads. Not our clients! We’re there with you every step of the way to make sure that any advertising you’re running is immediately profitable. You could easily spend upwards of $10,000 hiring marketing agencies or experts that don’t specialize in what you’re selling. Most studios have wasted, on average, $8,000 per year on advertising that does not work and isn’t trackable.

Our simple to follow training helps you laser-target your advertising!

At this point you can easily scale. You have control of the faucet. We can raise tuition significantly. We have cash to hire staff, or open additional locations.

But, you have to do it in the right order and follow the right systems. Once again we’ve done the work to template out everything for you. From front-desk forms and strategies to job descriptions and hiring practices. It’s super simple to implement for your own custom programs at your studio.

All of the info available in the online training portal is worth more than $7,000 just by itself.

BONUS: You won’t go wrong with ready-built operations samples and outlines.

What’s the Deal?

We’ve even developed software to help manage the prospects to ensure they show up for their intro classes ready to enroll. That allows studio owners to hand this work off to staff and to manage them from anywhere in the world. No more being tied to the front desk. Our program includes $2400 in free software to help accelerate your success.

Now if you wanted to go assemble all these tools separately and figure this out on your own you could. Obviously, that’s not reasonable so we’ve packaged all of the tools together in one program to help save you thousands of dollars and years of study on your own.

We’ve literally done all of the heavy lifting for you.

If your goal is to add an additional $100,000 to your income in the next six months even at $30,000 that would still be a good deal. (Remember, that’s $100,000 yearly recurring revenue.)

We can show you how to get all of this at a FRACTION of the cost.

Here’s what you get:

Lifetime access to the online video-based training portal. This will allow you to stay up to date on what’s working in the market even when you’re done working with us one on one. This is valued at $7,000 and easily worth that.

All the templates and scripts you and your staff need to be able to generate an insane amount of leads and pre-frame them to pay higher tuition rates. Just this piece alone could net your studio thousands of dollars in additional income every single month. That’s easily worth the individual price of $3,500.

The one-on-one coaching will help to keep you on task, but also to make sure you don’t make costly mistakes. We’re there with you the whole way! We’ll give you specific checklists, review your work, give feedback, and answer any questions. This is customized to your own situation, your own goals, and your own program. Studios that take advantage of this generally do the best in our programs and accomplish their goals much faster. Coaching at this level with a team as talented and experienced as ours is hard to find, but you could easily spend $10,000 just for the coaching piece.

Personal interaction with coaches and other studio owners keeps you on track.

We make some claims that are hard to believe. Being part of a group of studio owners that are actually accomplishing these things is a big part of creating the right mindset for success. Every week we host multiple group calls where you can ask questions directly to Mago, the staff, and other studios in the program. There is no other group like this anywhere on Earth! People pay upwards of $500/hr just to have Mago review their studio business and marketing strategies for them. Clients in our group get that and more on a weekly basis. This is worth way more than just the $2,000 price tag!

We couldn’t find the right software to help manage all of the workflows that we wanted in just one place so we built it. This package is awesome! We have current clients paying up to and above $200/mo just for the software itself. It’s that profitable for studios. You’ll get 6 months of free unlimited access to all it has to offer. . . that’s $1200 of free software.

(Just to be clear, if you already have software you’re using to manage your studio there is no need to stop using that. If you love it keep it.)

We also host a number of additional live events that clients get exclusive access to. Our systems are so powerful they will cause you some new problems! Good, better problems. That’s our ultimate goal. What if too many potential students start reaching out? What should you do with the additional income? What if you now need more space, or more staff?

Those aren’t problems most studios have to worry about, but we’re tackling these higher-level problems with our mastermind clients all the time. We host additional live events and clients get free access to these events. Non-clients pay $2,200 just to attend these higher-level events.

That’s all easily worth $30,000 but we can show you how to get it all for a fraction of that cost. All you need to do is book a call.”

A Big Warning!

Now, it’s important to understand that we can’t work with everyone. We limit the number of calls we do with new studios every week. If you’d like to talk more about working together make sure you schedule a call sooner than later. Once our calendar is full we stop booking calls and you’ll have to wait.

We also only have the bandwidth to bring on 8 studios per month. Once we’re full, once again, you’ll have to wait. It’s important to us that we are able to give the needed attention to clients and minimizing the number of people in our programs at any given time is the best way we’ve found to do this.

Also, not every studio is a good fit for our consulting, tools, and software. Studio owners that are willing to commit the time, money and energy into aggressively growing their programs are usually the best fit. But, we need to chat to learn more about what you’re struggling with and where you’re trying to get to before we can be sure that what we offer will work for you.

New studios are popping up all of the time, especially right now. The competition for students is getting more difficult in just about every area. The longer you wait to make changes the more difficult it usually is.

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is today.

Remember, it takes most studios 8 weeks, or so, to build out these systems. How soon do you want to make a change? These techniques will work at any time of year. How soon do you want new students?

Fast-Action Bonuses

For studios that are ready to take the plunge we have some fast-action bonuses. But, these extras are only available to those that are willing to move forward right away.


“So let’s summarize this offer:

You get:

The online training portal.

The one-on-one coaching with both me and my staff.

The group calls with like-minded studio owners.

The 6-month tracking and management software trial.

Mindset and goal-setting live coaching training.

The additional live event invitations for you and/or an additional family member or staff member.

The “irresistible digital advertising” training.

The bonus templates for building an operations manual for your studio.

The training on how we consistently enroll 50 NEW students or more at our open house events.


But, it’s worth it to hop on a call with us sooner than later. We practice what we preach. As we track our own stats we’re also consistently raising the cost of our programs. The sooner you join the more you’ll save.

We only have the bandwidth to bring on 8 new clients per month.

We host a limited number of calls per week. Once our calendar is full we just stop scheduling calls. So if there aren’t any times available, sorry, you’ll just have to wait.

Of course, the longer you wait to chat with us the longer it will take for you to see real results. Life will always throw something in your way. What better time to get started than right now?

Here’s a guarantee. Schedule a call and we’ll have some very specific questions for you about your program and your goals. Then, we’ll be able to tell you exactly what you should do next. If that means you should work with us we’ll let you know. And, we’ll be honest. If we’re not the right fit we’ll still show you exactly what you should do and how to do it. There is literally no risk to schedule this FREE strategy call.

Studios tell us all the time that this call is the most helpful thing they’ve done for their studio.

All you need to do is tell us a little about your studio and schedule a call.

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